Back To The Studio

Today was all about getting back into the swing of things. I've had some time to spend with my family while my husband has been on holidays. Now that the break is coming to an end it's time to re-focus on some of my goals that I have set for myself this year. 


Life is getting busy and exciting! September 1st is my Etsy store opening date. Eeek...still not 100% sure I'm going to be ready, there is a lot to do! BTW I am a serious list maker, lol. I make to-do lists for everything! I do have a problem of expecting too much of myself though. I recently changed some of my work habits so that I could break my bigger projects down and spread them over many days rather than having to finish them all in one shot. It's made such a difference and really makes my time so managable! 


Previously I had completed some rough sketches so today was about transferring those to pieces of prepared wood. With wood, I generally use a combo of sanding, layers of black gesso and paint to help create a smooth surface to work on. It makes the rest of the process so incredibly pleasant! 

After that I use a white Stabilo pencil to draw out my design.(I can never have too many of these!)


I picked up this technique from Alison O'Donoghue. I took an online class not too long ago with her called Birds on Birds. Alison is an amazing teacher and such a talented artist! If you have the time, be sure to check out her work.


This part of the process is so relaxing! For me, it's the easiest way to silence my busy mind. The smoothness of the wood and the way the lines begin to create the imagery. So much fun!! I am so grateful that I get to do this everyday!


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