The Universe Is Listening

Funny how the Universe guides us. We can be aware of it...or not but that guidance is always there. So many opportunities for us to be at our best and truly happy.

Earlier this year my sister sent me a random (perhaps divinely timed) message. She had seen a posting for a business that was seeking artists for commission work at a local hospital. I did look into it, however I knew as exciting as it sounded, I just wasn't ready. Instead what my sister did that day was to remind me of my creative passion.

This passion is something that I've never really felt as separate from myself, more like a constant urge within. Without it I will survive of course but who wants to just survive? When I allow it to flow through me, I feel full of life. The more I connect with this energy, the stronger this feeling becomes. I've got to admit, it's a pretty great place to be. :)


Not long after that day, in fact I believe it was a couple days later, I began searching for online classes. Right off the bat I discovered Kara Bullock. She has a wonderful style and is incredibly talented. I got a good vibe so decided to give her Frida Kahlo workshop a try. I have always adored Frida, as many of us do.


Visit Kara's website



I learned a ton from Kara's teachings, mostly though I learned what I am capable of. By letting my guard down and letting go of the fear, I opened myself up to experience a brand new journey.


When you say to the Universe, "Ok show me what is possible, how far can I go?", believe me, be ready because life will deliver it right to your front door.

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