Shake It Up

The past couple days I have been slowly revamping a section or two in my art studio. 

When I first realized that I would require such a space, I had to be a little creative with the whole process of putting it all together but I made it work.

I still have some shelving and baskets to get, however it's definitely getting there. My studio is actually a cute little corner tucked away, sort of like a secret room within another room. It's a place where I can listen to my favorite music and explore all of my ideas. Other than the bantering between the cat and dog, oh and the kids, lol, it's typically a very peaceful place.


I love the shift of energy that comes when I organize. When I was younger, I can't count how many times I would change my room around. My bed, dresser, desk and knick knacks constantly trading places. So much fun!


Shifting things around and shaking things up a bit can help make room to bring in the new. Simple organization can help prepare you to receive all the goodies the Universe has to offer.


I try to take a visual of my work space quite often. I want things around me to support my vision, whatever that happens to be. Because of this practice, when I sit at my desk to work on a project, I can feel the magic and love that completely surrounds me, the energy is amazing.

I do have some very special items that I keep close to me; my moms angelic figurines, favorite pictures, found objects such as feathers and stones. I also have assorted crystals that some of my students have generously given to me. 


In what ways do you fill your space with love? Do you have a special altar or area that lifts your vibration up?


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