Inspiration is Everyday

Feeling inspired by your journey is incredibly important. When I look back at my past, I can definitely point out the parts where I was lacking in the inspiration department. I was more focused on just getting through the day, the year or even just the moment.

It took awhile but I have learned how to bring inspiration into my life on a regular basis. This practice has become a precious gift that has brought me much happiness.


If I want to feel inspired, I have to be open and willing as an active participant. I have to trust in the unknown when I truly don't have a clue as to the outcome. I continually have to put myself out there and try new things I never thought I'd have the courage to do.


We recently took our daughters to one of our local lakes. It was such a beautiful day and really the perfect place to be inspired.

I have always wanted to try my hand at paddle boarding and this was my chance. We ended up renting a board as well as a kayak and what a time we had! Now I'm not going to lie, lol, my legs still feel like rubber and it hurts a bit to crouch down, however I would do it again in a heartbeat. 


I came home that afternoon filled to the brim with inspiration, wonderful energy that would leak into the days to come.


Anyone can be inspired in a brief and passing moment however it's something totally different when it happens so often that you don't remember being without. I can't go to the lake everyday but I can create experiences that will bring me the same inner glow. The more I say yes to life, the more this happens.


May your days be filled with energy that inspires you and shows you all that you can be.


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Sam began her creative journey as a young child with a love for colorful acrylics and folksy style imagery. Creating whimsical and happy art has since become part of her regular process. Currently exploring watercolor and gouache as mediums, she's always seeking new challenges that will help her grow as an artist.


Sam's illustrations have been featured on Print & Pattern and Swatch & Repeat. They have also been published in both Uppercase and Teen Breathe magazine. 


Books are now available on Amazon! Coming this year you will be able to find a wide variety of journals and creative books for kids!


The one thing that you will find ties all of her work together is her originality and the way that she executes each piece. There's a ton of love and care that goes into it all, down to the very last detail.


Sam finds gratitude in every day that she has another opportunity to make more art and create pretty things for a living. A favorite spot to sit and ponder future projects is her garden. Unless it happens to be winter, in which case you will find her at her desk, wrapped up in a warm sweater, sipping a large cup of tea. 


Besides the creative stuff, Sam loves taking naps, hanging out at the beach and Netflix binging. Currently, she resides in Pitt Meadows, BC with her husband, their three daughters and fur babies, Pepper and Nick.


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