Moving On

Lately I've noticed that there are so many people about to embark on brand new chapters as well as others that are seriously considering them.

The other thing I've noticed is that many of these people are struggling with moving forward. Now I have my moments too, so I'm including myself as part of this group. 

We can get too wrapped up in the details or the desired outcome or both. As soon as the human mind gets involved, it can really over process things and make the situation much more complicated than it actually is.


I've spoken to hundreds of people that become stuck in fear, so wrapped up in the what if it doesn't...that they forget to focus on the what if it does...what if it does work out, what if it does bring me joy and happiness, what if it does bring me opportunities that I never knew existed, what if this is the best thing that I could do in this very moment, not only for myself but for others around me too. 


I worry just like the next person and when I do my spirit family says the exact same thing I tell my clients, "You got this". One thing I've learned is that without change, as souls, we wouldn't do a heck of a lot of growing and without growth we limit our experiences and therefore our lives.


This week, to help those struggling with change, I've pulled a card to offer extra guidance. Just a wee bit to give thought to. 


***Remember to put yourself in the position of receiver in order to allow the flow of abundance in. As you open up and surrender in a way, you allow more love and life to move through you. There is nothing more peaceful than welcoming life with open arms and trusting that it is unfolding in divine order. In fact there is nothing that you must do other than have faith and when called, act on that faith. Here lies your bounty.***


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