Good Vibes Only

I recently received the most beautiful gift from a client of mine. She brought back an abalone shell from her travels to New Zealand. People can be so incredibly thoughtful, it was such a sweet thought to think of me! 


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Right now it sits on my altar with my other special trinkets, however I will be using it next time I smudge. I started smudging years ago when I first began my spiritual journey as a Reiki student. I found it so important to clear both my personal energy and that of my surrounding space. 


If you have never smudged before, it's super easy. Most commonly used is sage. I burn my sage in a stick form or incense. I've also created a spray which is handy when I'm on-the-go. Sage is typically known to cleanse away lower energy. This works for both people and places.

This part of my routine hasn't changed much over the years. No matter what I am doing, I've found it so important to keep it up. Smudging before I begin working in my studio, sets up positive vibrations and helps prepare for a smooth flow. Clearing my space gets rid of any energy that is not supportive of creativity and love.


While I do aim for higher energy, not every day is perfect. A good smudge will send away any anxiety or stress. Before I started doing this, I never really understood how much we truly carry with us. It is such a difference when you stay on top of it. 

Making this a regular practice helps me be receptive and open intuitively during the process which is perfect and I think what every artist wants.


Let us know your thoughts on clearing the energy in your own personal workspace. 

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