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What a great month it's been! 2017 has just begun and it's off to a fabulous start.


I completed Winter School with Make It In Design this past month. We were given briefs to work with throughout the course which you may have seen if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Although it wasn't meant to be a technical class, I ended up learning so much. I love how these sorts of things can get you to think 'outside the box'. I can definitely get stuck in a rut sometimes, especially when I stay in my comfy zone for too long. What I really need to do at that point is reach beyond and get my feet 'wet' with something new.


The group itself was wonderfully eclectic. Every artists style so unique and our interpretation of each assignment so varied. It's great to be accepted for who you truly are differences and all. There's really no one way that is better when it comes to creativity. We have to accept ourselves and hopefully choose to be surrounded by those who encourage that part of us. Overall, I have really been blessed to be surrounded by so much talent, I have had no choice but to be inspired.


At the end of the class we entered our typography testimonials to win a place with MIID's Summer School and I won! There were 3 slots and my design was chosen for the advanced level. It's an awesome feeling and so rewarding to have that sort of confirmation that you are on the right track.


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