messages from spirit for april

For this month I'm being reminded of a few things.  First off it's so important to give yourself the time for inner reflection. Doing this before you act or make any sort of choice is generally a good thing. Specifically this time is in relation to your dreams and desires. Give yourself the opportunity to observe and reflect then move forward with the wisdom and confidence that speaks through your heart.


The energy will pick up at certain points and it will be in your benefit to move with the flow. This will mean that there is no time for second guessing or doubt. Do you see now why I mentioned time for reflection? I would suggest that be your starting point so that when life speeds up, things will move much more smoothly than had you entered this time period unprepared.


The Universe is supporting you and sending you direction to create the joy that you seek. It's the perfect time for your personal story to grow and expand. This growth never stops. There is no limit to how much good you can create or receive. So give it everything you've got because a door has happened for you.

A wonderful benefit to all of this is that you are able to share this goodness with others. Your abundance becomes theirs and vice versa. We love, support and build each other up.

How does it get any better than that?

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    Fred (Wednesday, 28 June 2017 02:03)

    I wonder how does it get any better than that but it's awesome.

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    Write My Essay (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 05:16)

    Spirit works in us and it recognize what we necessitate to do in customs that we can’t even imagine – can't even visualize.