eye spy with my little eye

I remember playing this as a child and now I've had the pleasure of playing it with my three daughters. Such a great way to find the inspiration that is really all around us.


I love to take my phone with me so that I always have a camera on hand. Sometimes it's the odd things in which I find beauty; a rusty fence, a mandala shaped weed or a worn out and weathered piece of wood. There is something so magical when you can connect to an object on a deeper level and really see the beauty within.


I try to look around from all perspectives; this might be something right in front of me or at my feet or perhaps flying high above. There is always somewhere to look and something to see.


I have a folder that I keep just for shots that I think may benefit me as a designer. I like having them handy so that I can pull from it when I feel the need.

This practice inspires my usage of shapes and lines as well as color. I try to put my favorites into groups or mood boards. Each collection helps me to get in the right frame of mind so that I feel in sync with my creative direction.


What will you see today? What will you connect with?

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