pattern camp

Last year I took Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp class and yes, I loved every minute!

It was a weekend course filled with so much information. I learned a lot of new things and I was able to review and practice the techniques I already had under my belt. At the end of it, I walked away thoroughly happy and very much inspired to go pattern the world!


It was such a wonderful experience that I felt inclined to share with you all. I remember when first starting my study of pattern, I wasn't aware of all the online classes that were available. (There are a lot out there!)I actually happened to stumble upon Jessica Swift's class when I was taking another program taught by Alena Hennessy.

I believe Pattern Camp is a wonderful place for the beginner and just as valuable for those that are more advanced.  The group includes all levels, it's both a supportive and eclectic bunch!


I know that since I've taken it, Jessica has updated her site and added in Campfire which looks sooo tempting! Once I get some more of my to-do list done, I plan on trying it out. 


No matter which route you choose to go, whether it's through a class or on your own, there really is only one way to become a better surface designer and that is by practicing! I think that applies to all levels, remember that you will always get back in return what you put out.  So be sure to give it good energy and 100% of you! 

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