Join our new weekly challenge!

Calling all creatives! Beginning September 29th we will be sharing weekly creative prompts! It doesn't matter if you draw, paint, collage, sculpt or sew. Whatever your medium is, however you enjoy being creative, you are welcome to take inspiration from the prompts that we will be releasing each week!


I began this practice for my own benefit as I was finding it difficult to stick with the longer creative challenges. I found it MUCH easier and less overwhelming to commit to simply ONE week. A week I could do and the longer I kept up the routine, I noticed that I began to feel more confident and inspired in other areas of my work.

We are all so busy. I love how with this process you have the option to sit and create for 10 minutes or 2 hours. No stress, just all of us doing our things.


Remember to use the hashtag #create7 so that I can see all of your beautiful work!


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