It's Spirit Again

Working through the fear was huge for me

Before becoming a coach and studying reiki,  I started off as a psychic medium. I remember having these abilities when I was young but not knowing what they were. Learning to understand and love that part of myself took a long time.


As a child, I habitually slept with the covers over my head. I would build a fort with my blanket, which made me feel safe, tucked well underneath the covers. 

After all the lights in the house were turned off and everyone was in bed, spirit would come down our hallway and into my bedroom.

I could always sense them standing beside me, trying desperately to get my attention, chatting away. I became an expert at ignoring them. I would stay as still as possible, hoping and praying that they'd go away.


Of course, I'd eventually fall asleep, but the whole process would repeat itself the following day.


I remember when we were living in a small mining town for my father's work. It was the weekend and I was excited to have one of my friends stay over for the night. What was expected to be a typical sleepover for 8-year-olds turned out to be a little bit more than that.


In the early morning, we both woke up to a strange noise outside my bedroom. From where we were, you could see part of the hallway and the doorway to the bathroom.


Just as we woke up, we both let out loud screams that carried through the house. A greyish, transparent man dressed in baggy pants, a dress shirt, suspenders and a floppy hat casually walked from the hall into our bathroom.


We had awoken my parents. However, when they came to investigate, they found nothing out of place, not a thing and no sign of any physical intruder.


We swore up and down that we'd seen this man but no one believed us.


Ever since I can remember, I've been seeing, hearing and feeling spirit energies. My process isn't the same as when I was a child, but my abilities have always stayed with me.


Working through the fear was huge for me, and it didn't happen until years later when I was well into my 20s. Once I was through it, though, amazing things started to happen and I finally realized what I was supposed to do with it all.


When I started my spiritual practice I tried everything I could think of to help me progress.


I began meditating for short periods and then progressed to sitting longer as my concentration developed. Once I built a solid routine, it became the foundation for the readings I would eventually do.


Having the support and understanding of others around me became a large part of my process while I was learning. Finding a mediumship development circle to join was life changing. It's something I highly recommend to help you develop your abilities. It was a safe space to share experiences, to gain friendships and explore as a medium.


I read a wide variety of books on every related topic. If you do a search on Amazon you will quickly see how many books are out there on the subject of spirit!


It was quickly becoming an area that I was very passionate about. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

By immersing myself in my mediumship, I began to embrace who I had been my entire life. It was a pivotal point for me and it was then that things started to shift.


Brand new paths began to open up, opportunities appeared, and life looked very different. What came next was a series of events that kept me progressing and eventually lead me to where I am today.


In my podcast, due to launch later this year, I will be going into this topic much further!

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