Psychic VS Medium

It is a connection like no other

I believe that we are all born psychic but not everyone is a natural medium. It doesn't mean that we can't all be mediums, just that some of us need to work at it a bit more than others.


You can use your psychic abilities to pick up on the vibe around you. It could mean entering a room or an area and sensing the lingering emotions left behind. You might catch a scent in the air that others don't notice, or you might get an image in your mind that seems random. These are your psychic senses kicking in.


When someone goes to a psychic, the reader can connect to their past, present or future. Although they aren't necessary, objects such as tarot cards, runes, tea leaves and other tools can assist the reader further.


A medium is always psychic but can also create an energetic link to those who have passed over. The medium will receive evidence that validates the spirit in question. 


When I teach my class 'Receiving Spirit', we discuss the many ways of connecting with spirit. It's a relationship that if given the proper care can grow and strengthen. I was always in such a rush to know more but patience is a huge part of it all. Looking back, I appreciate all the lessons that spirit has given me. Each one has helped shape me into who I am today.


I am always truly amazed in the way my readings unfold and the messages come through. It is a connection like no other. Whether it's a psychic or mediumship reading, both can be just as memorable and as validating to the person receiving. Regardless, I believe they should be positive, inspiring and helpful.


Have you ever had experiences you might regard as psychic or mediumship? Have you ever had an experience you couldn't quite explain?

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