It's a beautiful space to work from

Intuition is not mystical, magical, or something only specific people can access. It is nothing that you need to go outside of yourself to search for or find. Intuition comes from within.


You can learn, however, to be aware, which will help your intuition expand, the further you trust it.


Your intuition is honest in guiding you on your highest path, and it's a beautiful space to create from. I've used intuition to help me understand clarity, peace of mind and direction I wouldn't have otherwise had.


Every moment is an opportunity to be present in this energy. 


Each day, I say yes to living out life as the best version of myself. Through intuitive living, I become willing and open to show up daily with the knowledge that supports this goal.


I've chosen now to embrace it all, but it wasn't always like that.

It has been a journey with many twists and turns. I am reviewing and revising, learning as I go.


Trusting is part of it all, and it's the first big step when moving forward with your intuition. It is a process that takes patience, love and considerable care, just like anything you would want to grow.


It is rewarding in its unique way, which you have the power to discover for yourself. 


When I'm listening, life feels purposeful and inspiring. When I don't pay attention, I begin to lose my sense of direction, and uncertainty sets in.

Those two very distinctive feelings can shake things up when I need them to. It's always about being aware. 


It is a oneness, unlike any other feeling in the world.


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