Canadian born artist, Sam Pernoski, has quickly become known for her happy and quirky, illustrative work. Finding ideas through her travels, her favorite spot to sit and think is her garden.

Sam began her creative journey as a young child with a love for colorful acrylics and expressive imagery. Starting with canvas paintings, she sold smaller pieces to collectors across the country. Later in life, Sam took on a variety of art classes that led her to study patterns. This opened up many new avenues and opportunities which continue to direct her current career.


To date, Sam has taken classes with Pattern Camp, Rise, Design & Shine, Make Art That Sells, Sketchbook Skool and Make It In Design. Eager to learn and grow, she continues to be open to all avenues that guide her in a positive way.


Both Sam and her work have been featured on design blogs and she has received a handful of honourable mentions across her studies. As a designer, the goal for her is to inspire others and when possible, to bring a little bit of happiness into the world.


Besides art? Sam loves taking naps, hanging out at the beach and Netflix binging. Currently, she resides in Pitt Meadows, BC with her husband, their three daughters and fur babies, Pepper and Nick. Life is a continuous adventure.

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