Hi there! I'm Sam and I am so happy you're here! I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I also enjoy painting and have tried nearly every medium under the sun but have become quite addicted to gouache. It's heavenly! 


I love to create art that is quirky and fun. I am easily influenced by my travels and enjoy finding inspiration wherever I go. My favorite place to sit and think is the garden. Unless it happens to be winter, in which case you will find me at my desk, wrapped up in a warm sweater, sipping a good cup of tea.

I began my creative journey as a young child with a love for colorful acrylics and expressive imagery. As an adult, I sold smaller canvas pieces to collectors across the country. Later on down the road, I stumbled upon a variety of classes that led me to study patterns. This opened up new avenues and opportunities that propelled my career forward.

Being a medium and spiritual teacher in the past has kept my intuitive senses strong, so I knew that this direction was right for me.


Although I'm open to all sorts of projects, I'm especially drawn to the children's market. I love that youthful vibe which is always so much fun!


My work has been featured on design blogs and I've received a handful of honourable mentions. The whole experience has really been amazing.


Here are my most recent illustrations that have been published in Uppercase magazine!


Whether an original painting or a digital design, my goal is to inspire others and when possible, to bring a little bit of joy into the world.


Besides art? I love taking naps, hanging out at the beach and Netflix binging. Currently, I reside in Pitt Meadows, BC with my husband, our three daughters and fur babies, Pepper and Nick. Life is a continuous adventure.


I can be reached here info@sampernoski.com

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