Canadian born artist, Sam Pernoski, has quickly become known for her vibrant work. Finding inspiration through her travels, she finds both the garden and the beach as her favorite outlets for opening up to new ideas.


Sam is self-taught, however recently she has discovered new techniques through a variety of teachers.

Painting classes have included time with Flora Bowley, Alena Hennessy, Kara Bullock and Alison O'Donoghue.

Right now Sam chooses to paint mainly with acrylics and the occasional collage. Intuitive and cheerful, the focus shifts as does life, from florals, to animals, to people and everything in between.


Surface pattern design and illustration have both brought new opportunity and potential. To date, Sam has studied with Jessica Swift at Pattern Camp, Rise Design and Shine as well as with Lilla Rogers at Make Art That Sells.

Having completed classes with Make It In Design, she looks forward to continuing her journey. Eager to learn and grow, Sam continues to be open to all avenues that direct her in a positive way.


Whether an original or a digital design, the purpose is still the same; simply to inspire. Filled with Sam's passion and zest for life, you will find art that is sure to leave you with a smile.


Sam currently resides in Pitt Meadows, BC with her husband, their three daughters and fur babies, Pepper and Nick

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