I LOVED tackling birds this past week! Like any sort of art, it doesn't necessarily have to be realistic. Bird shapes inspire me to think and draw in quirky and colorful ways! I really enjoy that part when it's not perfect but just plain old fun. We can really let our imagination come out to play.
So much fun exploring these sweet characters! When you make a daily practice of drawing, before you know it, you will have a well of imagery to pull from! This week I really went with simple shapes and bold color. I love how they turned out!
It's been such a fun week to play and create with a Halloween theme! Not all ideas turn out to be something solid in the end but I am able to gather enough inspiration for a handful of future projects. Some will become patterns, some greeting cards and prints. Who knows maybe I will create some embroidery patterns from some of these prompts.
Yay! Just waiting on my order of brand new shiny mugs and then I get to spend a few days with my Cricut machine. I will have these and many more super fun designs out and available for you to purchase on October 12!! Some will be cheeky, some sweet and some inspiring. I also have a handful of seasonal pieces in the works too. Do you have an idea or need something specific done for a gift? I love custom work, so let me know! I also have wine goblets for that kind of crowd. :) Follow us on...
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