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finishing up!

I'm just finishing up my last exercise with Make It In Designs Module 2!! Thinking back just 8 months ago, I can't believe how much my life has changed. I wake up grateful every single day, I really do.

Module 3 begins next Monday which I am very excited for. If you've looked at MIID's courses and you've been on the fence about whether or not to jump in, I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. It's not only the course itself but the creative environment that I have enjoyed. I've met some nifty designer friends that I would not have otherwise crossed paths with and I've been led to doors that I hadn't even considered before.


I hope you join me and continue to follow along as I move forward on my journey and I hope that through my excitement and joy, I will help bring a little (or a lot) of inspiration your way.


keep moving forward

When we're paying attention to life, when we follow our hearts and our inner most passions, we can be rewarded in the biggest ways.

Just the other day I was asking for confirmation of my journey and choices I've made recently in regards to my creative ventures. Some days when my confidence seems to be low and miles away, I wonder what the heck I'm doing. I question my path and the success I ultimately wish to have.


Today I woke up with the news that one of my collections I had submitted, placed 3rd runner up with the fabulous MOYO magazine. It always amazes me to think that my designs are recognized in such a way.

You can check out the article and MOYO magazine here.

To create more of this same joy I know that I have to keep moving forward no matter what. This might mean some days are crazy and chaotic but that's ok. It's so worth it.


When you are so involved in something, I think any part of your life really, you can become so focused that you may not notice the change that is taking place. I am so grateful for signs that say, "Hey, you are doing ok, keep it up."

I need that direction and loving nudge. I believe that we all do.


What drives you and brings you happiness? Have you ever received confirmation that you're on the right path?



daily doodles

Yay! Today is day 1 for the #100dayproject!! I haven't done anything like this before and it sounded too fun to pass up.(You can find out more about their project here)

We chose our own focus and we fulfill that for 100 days. As it's my first time and to be fair to myself with everything else I currently have going on, I opted for simple daily doodles.

I look forward to creating brand new imagery and to expand on my drawing abilities.


Check out our Instagram feed to see today's doodle!

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messages from spirit for april

For this month I'm being reminded of a few things.  First off it's so important to give yourself the time for inner reflection. Doing this before you act or make any sort of choice is generally a good thing. Specifically this time is in relation to your dreams and desires. Give yourself the opportunity to observe and reflect then move forward with the wisdom and confidence that speaks through your heart.


The energy will pick up at certain points and it will be in your benefit to move with the flow. This will mean that there is no time for second guessing or doubt. Do you see now why I mentioned time for reflection? I would suggest that be your starting point so that when life speeds up, things will move much more smoothly than had you entered this time period unprepared.


The Universe is supporting you and sending you direction to create the joy that you seek. It's the perfect time for your personal story to grow and expand. This growth never stops. There is no limit to how much good you can create or receive. So give it everything you've got because a door has happened for you.

A wonderful benefit to all of this is that you are able to share this goodness with others. Your abundance becomes theirs and vice versa. We love, support and build each other up.

How does it get any better than that?


workshop fun

One of the courses I've been taking recently is through Rise Design & Shine. If you haven't heard of them, when you have some time, do check them out. It's run quite well and I've really gained a lot through the experience. I believe the next workshop runs in the Fall so if you are interested be sure to sign up to be notified of enrollment through their website.

Each week I receive a new brief on a different topic. It is has been soooo much fun!

This week is people. Honestly I didn't know how I'd manage it as I haven't done faces in a very long time. Fortunately it is working out! Yay!


No matter what the topic, I just love to pull out my Sharpies and a fresh sketch pad. I've tried quite a few markers and for me personally, nothing really comes close to the end result that I'm able to achieve with a Sharpie. My doodles come out crisp and clean, all ready to scan. This really helps when I need to take my drawings into Illustrator to work on them further.


(Just for fun and my own personal enjoyment)I'm also addicted to Prisma filters! There are so many options to choose from, making the possibilities endless!

We still have a couple weeks left but so far my favorite brief has been abstracts(florals are a close second!). I wouldn't say it was easy to construct but I sure loved the outcome.


How about yourself? Are you an artist? Do you like to create? Even if you enjoy just collecting art, do you have a favorite subject you enjoy the most?

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just be you!

What a great month it's been! 2017 has just begun and it's off to a fabulous start.


I completed Winter School with Make It In Design this past month. We were given briefs to work with throughout the course which you may have seen if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Although it wasn't meant to be a technical class, I ended up learning so much. I love how these sorts of things can get you to think 'outside the box'. I can definitely get stuck in a rut sometimes, especially when I stay in my comfy zone for too long. What I really need to do at that point is reach beyond and get my feet 'wet' with something new.


The group itself was wonderfully eclectic. Every artists style so unique and our interpretation of each assignment so varied. It's great to be accepted for who you truly are differences and all. There's really no one way that is better when it comes to creativity. We have to accept ourselves and hopefully choose to be surrounded by those who encourage that part of us. Overall, I have really been blessed to be surrounded by so much talent, I have had no choice but to be inspired.


At the end of the class we entered our typography testimonials to win a place with MIID's Summer School and I won! There were 3 slots and my design was chosen for the advanced level. It's an awesome feeling and so rewarding to have that sort of confirmation that you are on the right track.


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Time Flies

I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last entry! I began my pattern surface course with Make It In Design and that is the last thing I remember. :) A lot has happened, that's for sure.


I finished my first module of MIID which was super exciting!! I learnt so much, actually way more than I originally thought I would. Plus, as an added bonus, I met a group of fabulous creatives. Loving support, friendship and does it get any better than that?! 


Besides the technical side of things, there is also so much I discovered about myself. One being that the act of creativity is vital to my existence or at least to a happier one. I know without a doubt that I hid that part of myself for a long time. Maybe I thought I could do without or get by with it just being a hobby that I could pull out from time to time. In the past few months the Universe has opened not one but many doors. Doors to paths that feel as though they are filled with possibility and potential to great things.


It suddenly feels like I've been re-directed and now it's full steam ahead. Surprise!


As I move forward, I'm excited and elated. I'm incredibly grateful however I'm also just like many others who would be entering a new chapter, I'm scared! Not to the extreme that it stops me rather it's a feeling of uncertainty as I'm just not sure what this new future will look like. The Ego loves to be in control!


This fear keeps me moving and focused whenever I need to be.  I want to live my life with no regrets and I want to see how it all turns out! I set the intention to give of myself 100% and so I shall see what comes from that. Time will tell.

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Moving On

Lately I've noticed that there are so many people about to embark on brand new chapters as well as others that are seriously considering them.

The other thing I've noticed is that many of these people are struggling with moving forward. Now I have my moments too, so I'm including myself as part of this group. 

We can get too wrapped up in the details or the desired outcome or both. As soon as the human mind gets involved, it can really over process things and make the situation much more complicated than it actually is.


I've spoken to hundreds of people that become stuck in fear, so wrapped up in the what if it doesn't...that they forget to focus on the what if it does...what if it does work out, what if it does bring me joy and happiness, what if it does bring me opportunities that I never knew existed, what if this is the best thing that I could do in this very moment, not only for myself but for others around me too. 


I worry just like the next person and when I do my spirit family says the exact same thing I tell my clients, "You got this". One thing I've learned is that without change, as souls, we wouldn't do a heck of a lot of growing and without growth we limit our experiences and therefore our lives.


This week, to help those struggling with change, I've pulled a card to offer extra guidance. Just a wee bit to give thought to. 


***Remember to put yourself in the position of receiver in order to allow the flow of abundance in. As you open up and surrender in a way, you allow more love and life to move through you. There is nothing more peaceful than welcoming life with open arms and trusting that it is unfolding in divine order. In fact there is nothing that you must do other than have faith and when called, act on that faith. Here lies your bounty.***


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Good Vibes Only

I recently received the most beautiful gift from a client of mine. She brought back an abalone shell from her travels to New Zealand. People can be so incredibly thoughtful, it was such a sweet thought to think of me! 


abaloneshell, smudge, smudgesupplies


Right now it sits on my altar with my other special trinkets, however I will be using it next time I smudge. I started smudging years ago when I first began my spiritual journey as a Reiki student. I found it so important to clear both my personal energy and that of my surrounding space. 


If you have never smudged before, it's super easy. Most commonly used is sage. I burn my sage in a stick form or incense. I've also created a spray which is handy when I'm on-the-go. Sage is typically known to cleanse away lower energy. This works for both people and places.

This part of my routine hasn't changed much over the years. No matter what I am doing, I've found it so important to keep it up. Smudging before I begin working in my studio, sets up positive vibrations and helps prepare for a smooth flow. Clearing my space gets rid of any energy that is not supportive of creativity and love.


While I do aim for higher energy, not every day is perfect. A good smudge will send away any anxiety or stress. Before I started doing this, I never really understood how much we truly carry with us. It is such a difference when you stay on top of it. 

Making this a regular practice helps me be receptive and open intuitively during the process which is perfect and I think what every artist wants.


Let us know your thoughts on clearing the energy in your own personal workspace. 


Letting Go Of Perfection

One of the many things off my to-do list this week is to work on pieces that will soon go into my Etsy store. I don't have an exact opening date yet but it will be very soon.


One of my favorite subjects to paint is flowers. I love how everyone can look at the same flower but when it comes to interpretation, each outcome is so unique.

I suppose it is like that with everything, however, it just seems more pronounced when I am in the creative process.

Although sometimes I do choose to work solely from my imagination, often I will focus on a photograph. It is here I get to decide what parts will make it into my drawing and exactly how that will look.

Generally speaking I prefer a more abstract or whimsical appearance as opposed to realism. Years ago I followed a more realistic approach and while that was enjoyable, it just didn't feel like me. 


I love to bring in imagery and colors that can't be found in everyday living. You know the stuff that makes us smile. :)


I think making the sort of art that I do allows me to embrace what I had previously seen in myself as imperfection. Did I mention that I came into this lifetime as a perfectionist? Lol, well I have tried. I actually tried for so long that I lived a good part of my life disappointed with what I wasn't able to achieve.

That being said, I can say that it's such a wonderful feeling to be able to share all of myself in the most authentic way. It relieves any struggle with trying to be something that I'm clearly not. 


At the end of the day, whether I'm painting or not, I know that I am still me; quirky, silly, curious and that's a pretty good thing.


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Inspiration is Everyday

Feeling inspired by your journey is incredibly important. When I look back at my past, I can definitely point out the parts where I was lacking in the inspiration department. I was more focused on just getting through the day, the year or even just the moment.

It took awhile but I have learned how to bring inspiration into my life on a regular basis. This practice has become a precious gift that has brought me much happiness.


If I want to feel inspired, I have to be open and willing as an active participant. I have to trust in the unknown when I truly don't have a clue as to the outcome. I continually have to put myself out there and try new things I never thought I'd have the courage to do.


We recently took our daughters to one of our local lakes. It was such a beautiful day and really the perfect place to be inspired.

I have always wanted to try my hand at paddle boarding and this was my chance. We ended up renting a board as well as a kayak and what a time we had! Now I'm not going to lie, lol, my legs still feel like rubber and it hurts a bit to crouch down, however I would do it again in a heartbeat. 


I came home that afternoon filled to the brim with inspiration, wonderful energy that would leak into the days to come.


Anyone can be inspired in a brief and passing moment however it's something totally different when it happens so often that you don't remember being without. I can't go to the lake everyday but I can create experiences that will bring me the same inner glow. The more I say yes to life, the more this happens.


May your days be filled with energy that inspires you and shows you all that you can be.


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Shake It Up

The past couple days I have been slowly revamping a section or two in my art studio. 

When I first realized that I would require such a space, I had to be a little creative with the whole process of putting it all together but I made it work.

I still have some shelving and baskets to get, however it's definitely getting there. My studio is actually a cute little corner tucked away, sort of like a secret room within another room. It's a place where I can listen to my favorite music and explore all of my ideas. Other than the bantering between the cat and dog, oh and the kids, lol, it's typically a very peaceful place.


I love the shift of energy that comes when I organize. When I was younger, I can't count how many times I would change my room around. My bed, dresser, desk and knick knacks constantly trading places. So much fun!


Shifting things around and shaking things up a bit can help make room to bring in the new. Simple organization can help prepare you to receive all the goodies the Universe has to offer.


I try to take a visual of my work space quite often. I want things around me to support my vision, whatever that happens to be. Because of this practice, when I sit at my desk to work on a project, I can feel the magic and love that completely surrounds me, the energy is amazing.

I do have some very special items that I keep close to me; my moms angelic figurines, favorite pictures, found objects such as feathers and stones. I also have assorted crystals that some of my students have generously given to me. 


In what ways do you fill your space with love? Do you have a special altar or area that lifts your vibration up?



Way Back When

I was reflecting today on where my journey with art began. To be honest, I can't really remember when it wasn't an important part of my life. Even in the years I didn't paint, I was constantly in creation mode.


As a youngster, I was really big into cartooning, probably more so than anything else.

I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. The thought of wearing a dress or anything pretty made my stomach turn! My Saturday mornings consisted of Spiderman, Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny. That and perhaps a game or two of PacMan.

Archie, Veronica and the gang influenced me a lot and when I wasn't drawing, I'd be using them to imprint images onto my Silly Putty. 🌝


I did enjoy coloring, as do a lot of children. I had a special liking for the bold lines and variety of imagery. I could never quite be satisfied with the colors though. No matter what crayons, felts or pencils I chose, they never seemed to be bright enough. It never came out exactly the way I had imagined.


I was an intense and a very serious child which made for intense and serious art! I was definitely about getting it perfect. Which is kind of funny now that I think about it. In my current style, I try to embrace all of the beautiful 'mistakes'. These are the authentic parts that we all own, the pieces that set us apart from everyone else. I love it when I'm really able to bring that energy into my work.


I believe being able to trust your own creative eye is important for the process. Although it's not always the most comfortable feeling, the fact is, it's ok to be in that vulnerable place. Being there will help your soul to grow and help you to discover your truth.


Yes, I loved my food as much as I loved art and still do. :)

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Help From Spirit

My spirit team is a huge help for me when I am creating. Years ago, before I meditated or became a professional medium, I had no idea how to consciously connect with my guides or angel friends. No wonder I felt stuck so much! Now I find it is absolutely neccessary to bring them in for creative guidance. When I am connected, it feels like I'm plugging myself into an endless source of knowledge. This is something that we all have access to, artist or not. 


Before I begin any art project, I go through a brief meditation. Nothing too long, just a couple minutes of centering myself and opening up my energy so that I am available to receive this insight. As I set my intentions, I chat a bit in my mind. I can be quite the talker, lol.


Part of the process is definitely being aware of this connection as it happens. As I've been doing this for so long, I've learned to just trust what I get. It will come through to me in thought form, my guides filling my mind with words and imagery that can be applied within my artwork.


Sometimes when I'm actually in the midst of painting, literally holding a brush filled with color, I will feel a pull to make a particular mark. Creation at it's truest form is an intuitive practice. It always has been and always will be.

I always say use your mind and intuition as a partnership. Follow your inner gps and then use your mind to apply the action that will support that intuitive thinking. 


Of course I have my more difficult days like everyone does however my relationship with my team is one that I can depend on. I believe in the beauty of what's yet to come.


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Before I begin any art project, I go through a brief meditation. Nothing too long, just a couple minutes of centering myself and opening up my energy so that I am available to receive this insight. As I set my intentions, I chat a bit in my mind. I can be quite the talker, lol.


Part of the process is definitely being aware of this connection as it happens. As I've been doing this for so long, I've learned to just trust what I get. It will come through to me in thought form, my guides filling my mind with words and imagery that can be applied within my artwork.


Sometimes when I'm actually in the midst of painting, literally holding a brush filled with color, I will feel a pull to make a particular mark. Creation at it's truest form is an intuitive practice. It always has been and always will be.

I always say use your mind and intuition as a partnership. Follow your inner gps and then use your mind to apply the action that will support that intuitive thinking. 


Of course I have my more difficult days like everyone does however my relationship with my team is one that I can depend on. I know where they have brought me and I believe in the beauty of where I've yet to go.


Time Out

I have really been trying to follow through with my new mantra of 'simplify' however, lol, some days it's just not that easy! 😁

I would love it if there was just a few more hours in the day. I have had to start a notebook just to store my many thoughts and plans which, come to think about it, I probably should have begun long ago!

I will say though that I am incredibly grateful 💓 that I have an endless supply of dreams to keep me busy, most likely for many lifetimes. 💡💡💡


Depending on our family's schedule, which is super busy with 2 teens and a 9-year old, I try to work in day trips and outings to break up the busyness. Doing this not only allows me to have that sacred family time but also helps to replenish my soul and clear my mind. If I can, I love to be close to the water, definitely my first choice.


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When I can't get away, casual strolls with our pugalier, Pepper, can be just as enjoyable. When we first brought her home and started to establish a walking routine, I noticed that every time I went out, I would come back more relaxed than I was when I had left the house. Our walks quickly turned into down time, not only for Pepper but for me too! 


I love how simple everything is when I'm present in the moment. It's not about yesterday or what might happen tomorrow but just here right now. One step and one day at a time. That I can manage. 😊😊😊


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Time For Play

This past week I've been taking an online clay workshop through Alisa Burke. My youngest really loves sculpting and asked if we could take it together. I've done quite a few workshops through Alisa and she has really become such an inspiration.  I love how she will let you know that there are no mistakes which is such a liberating thought.


We haven't painted them yet, not sure if we will. We used polymer which is what we had on hand however next time around we are going to try air dry clay for a different feel and look. I'm not a sculptor, however once again, Alisa makes it so much fun to learn and really easy to open up to new ideas. 


clay, sculpting, polymerclay, modellingclay, kidsart, kidsproject, alisaburke


One thing I've found is that the more you step out of your comfort zone and try new things, the more inspiration you will bring back into your own work. I think it's a great way to keep your art fresh and to keep your story flowing.

I have to admit, I'm a bit obsessed with online workshops! It's such a treat to be able to sit down in your own home, on your own time and in your pajamas...if that's what you want. 

There really are oodles of resources on the internet available for artists of all levels.


It's exciting to create with a family member and I love it when I have the opportunity to be creative with my children. It's so cool to see them totally immersed in the process of it all. Children really haven't set up the limitations or boundaries that many of us as adults have. Their imagination is pure, free-flowing and magical. 


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The Universe Is Listening

Funny how the Universe guides us. We can be aware of it...or not but that guidance is always there. So many opportunities for us to be at our best and truly happy.

Earlier this year my sister sent me a random (perhaps divinely timed) message. She had seen a posting for a business that was seeking artists for commission work at a local hospital. I did look into it, however I knew as exciting as it sounded, I just wasn't ready. Instead what my sister did that day was to remind me of my creative passion.

This passion is something that I've never really felt as separate from myself, more like a constant urge within. Without it I will survive of course but who wants to just survive? When I allow it to flow through me, I feel full of life. The more I connect with this energy, the stronger this feeling becomes. I've got to admit, it's a pretty great place to be. :)


Not long after that day, in fact I believe it was a couple days later, I began searching for online classes. Right off the bat I discovered Kara Bullock. She has a wonderful style and is incredibly talented. I got a good vibe so decided to give her Frida Kahlo workshop a try. I have always adored Frida, as many of us do.


Visit Kara's website



I learned a ton from Kara's teachings, mostly though I learned what I am capable of. By letting my guard down and letting go of the fear, I opened myself up to experience a brand new journey.


When you say to the Universe, "Ok show me what is possible, how far can I go?", believe me, be ready because life will deliver it right to your front door.


Back To The Studio

Today was all about getting back into the swing of things. I've had some time to spend with my family while my husband has been on holidays. Now that the break is coming to an end it's time to re-focus on some of my goals that I have set for myself this year. 


Life is getting busy and exciting! September 1st is my Etsy store opening date. Eeek...still not 100% sure I'm going to be ready, there is a lot to do! BTW I am a serious list maker, lol. I make to-do lists for everything! I do have a problem of expecting too much of myself though. I recently changed some of my work habits so that I could break my bigger projects down and spread them over many days rather than having to finish them all in one shot. It's made such a difference and really makes my time so managable! 


Previously I had completed some rough sketches so today was about transferring those to pieces of prepared wood. With wood, I generally use a combo of sanding, layers of black gesso and paint to help create a smooth surface to work on. It makes the rest of the process so incredibly pleasant! 

After that I use a white Stabilo pencil to draw out my design.(I can never have too many of these!)


I picked up this technique from Alison O'Donoghue. I took an online class not too long ago with her called Birds on Birds. Alison is an amazing teacher and such a talented artist! If you have the time, be sure to check out her work.


This part of the process is so relaxing! For me, it's the easiest way to silence my busy mind. The smoothness of the wood and the way the lines begin to create the imagery. So much fun!! I am so grateful that I get to do this everyday!


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It's been a pretty crazy past few months. I never in a million years would have thought I'd be painting again...not on a regular basis, that is. To be honest, I don't remember when I last created with such a strong focus. It's been years, at least 10. 

To give you the super quick low down; I painted originals and sold mainly through Ebay (that's when it was just getting popular). I gained a client or two over that time who would purchase commission pieces. I also sold custom made silver jewelery at a local gallery, within their giftshop.


The long period in between then and now includes a few births, illness and death, a handful of moves and a heck of a lot of personal discovery. I think I reached a point where I just didn't feel motivated anymore. Although I hung onto ALL of my art supplies, like I said, I didn't really think I'd be doing this again.


I can totally see now that everything I've done was preparing me for this main event in my life and there is so much to be grateful for. I have landed here with purpose! 😊


Since I've opened these new doors or perhaps re-opened the old ones, the Universe continues to bring me synchronicity. I also recognize that every moment I have the time, the tools and the clients to create for, I feel incredibly full inside. 


Working as a medium and a healer has helped my journey in such a huge way. I have the ability to meditate, ground myself and even get a hold of spirit if I so choose. These are wonderful gifts that we can all use to help us connect to our creative center.


Welcome! This is my new chapter and I'm thrilled that you've decided to join me! 


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