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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautiful and soothing healing modality used as a complementary tool to help create spiritual balance. It is not meant to be a quick fix nor a cure for any disease. It works in harmony with all forms of therapy.


Reiki's meaning is as follows: rei - higher power, ki - life force energy


Combined, they form spiritually directed life force energy


It is a Japanese technique that is applied through the use of ancient symbols that the practitioner has been trained to use. These symbols along with the practitioner's focus, will direct the energy as they create a connection with the client.


At the same time this link is created, the client will receive reiki energy which flows through the areas needing to be cleansed and balanced.


*Life force energy refers to the universal energy and creative power constantly flowing around us and through us.


I use a blend of Usui, Karuna Ki, and Angelic Reiki throughout all of my sessions. 

What are the benefits of reiki?


  • Provide relief from general stress and anxiety
  • Promote complete relaxation and a state of peace
  • Balances the energy system
  • Can bring a deeper and more restful sleep
  • Assists the body with releasing outdated energy
  • Can reduce pain perception and tension that is carried in the body
  • Promotes emotional healing and mental wellbeing

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method that anyone can use for spiritual healing.

What does a distant reiki session include?

Each session includes 60 minutes of reiki. For added insight, I will also pull a few of my oracle cards during your session.

What do you need from me prior to my appointment?

Other than your payment, I will need your name and an email address to contact you.

Shortly after  your deposit is paid, I will send you a pdf reiki package to fill out and return to me.

How can I prepare for my session?

Reiki doesn't need any particular environment to work, however, you may choose to enhance your experience by creating a place in your home that feels relaxing. Typically a quieter spot where you can devote an hour of time to yourself. During your session you could be lying down or sitting up in a cozy chair.


You can play your favourite music during your session or you might prefer complete silence.


To help with any distractions, I  suggest wearing comfortable clothing and to have a light blanket nearby.

How will I feel during my session?

Reiki is unique for each person. You will receive the energy in a way that feels best for you.


Some common experiences are: falling asleep, feeling tingly, coolness or warmth, energized, emotional, peaceful and calm, a stronger awareness, sense of self-love and appreciation, and visions(especially if in a deep meditation or relaxed state)


There are also clients who feel nothing more than an hour of relaxation which is also fine. There is no right or wrong way to experience reiki.

How often should I have a reiki session?

This will depend on your personal situation. You might want to schedule 3-4 appointments within the first month or  so and then maintain your sessions at regular intervals.

You may prefer to book one at a time as you feel they are needed. It's really about alignment and what feels best for you. 

If you purchase a reiki bundle, you will receive 4 sessions for the price of 3! These bundles are quite beneficial if you are planning on booking multiple sessions.

Is reiki a religious practice?

No, reiki is not tied to any religion. It is a neutral modality that compliments all particular faiths.

How long does it take to see results from reiki?

Reiki is happening in the moment that it's sent; however, you may not notice anything different right away. It can take time for you to be aware of any changes.


Each session builds on the next which makes reiki a great modality to continue with.


     Before booking please read below. 

     To bring you the very best services, we've simplified the process for you!


     Booking Terms For Reiki and Readings

  • In order to secure your spot all bookings require a small deposit. (For Reiki purchases - within 24 hours of booking, you will also receive a separate email with a small information PDF package to return to me prior to your appointment)
  • 7 days before your appointment, you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount owed. Payments must be made in full at least 24 hours before your appointment
  • Any cancellations that are under 48 hours of notice, and your deposit amount will be forfeited. I often have a wait list, and this will allow me the time to pass your appointment on to the next person in line. Unexpected events are understandable. Please let me know as early as possible so that you can be re-booked in at a later date..
  • For your convenience, you will receive an email reminder 24 hours before your appointment. You will also have the option to include a text reminder 8 hours prior.
  • If you have received a gift card or have a coupon code to apply, please message me directly with your preferred date/s. I will do my best to accommodate you!

Distant Reiki Session & Follow-up - 60 min. session - $144


Includes - 60 minutes of distant reiki PLUS a brief follow up through text or email. 


Get our bundle discount!

Reiki Bundle | 4 X 60 min. sessions - $444

*must be purchased as a bundle to receive the discount 


If purchasing the bundle you will book the initial session and then follow up through email to book the remaining appointments. There is no time limit. You can simply book them as you are ready.