Welcome to our Doodle Your Inner Happy Workshop! Over 4 weeks you will try out a variety of guided meditations, creative exercises and awesome doodle prompts.


This workshop was created to help keep you inspired and focused on your artistic path. Whatever tools and mediums you use; acrylics, gouache, inks, pastels, etc., I want each of you to feel empowered in your own special way. Working digitally is just fine too! I went through all four weeks using my iPad Pro which is my one of my favorite tools.


This program is for artists of all levels and is meant to complement your current process. The meditations are easy to follow and fun to try! The exercises and prompts throughout each week will motivate and inspire your creative side.


I have taught meditation and led guided meditations within in my community. The more I became involved with illustration, I realized how important my meditation roots were. It really is so valuable to be able to center yourself and redirect the inner chatter of the busy mind.

If you've never meditated before, don't worry, it's a lot easier than you might think! As they are guided, all you will do is simply listen to the words and do your best to follow along. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you get through.


As the meditations are kept brief, they are much more of an introduction to the practice. You might want to have a listen to each one first or even a few times to get used to the flow. I would also suggest finding a quiet place where you will be comfortable. My favorite spot always includes a nice cozy blanket!


I touch lightly on working with your chakras which is very straight forward and all explained as we go.

If you have an Instagram account, please post your doodles.
Use #happydoodles and tag me @sampernoski_artstudio so that I can find all of your great work!


As artists, I believe it's always best to come from a place of love. It's ultimately the highest vibration that you can reach. It will support you and guide you in the most authentic way.


This week you will focus on letting your heart guide you. You begin by listening to a meditation that will help you to build up this loving energy.


These happy vibes are always best shared with others which is a great reason to include it in your art making!


I lightly touch on the chakras this week and explore how they play a role with creative living.


Through self-care, opening and clearing your chakras, you will learn to create a clear path to channeling inspiring ideas.


This week is focused on your intuition. This part of yourself is incredibly important in the creative process, as I'm sure you know!
I'm also sharing an extra meditation exercise that will help you to visualise letting go of any fears. Super handy to have!


As creatives, it can be super easy to get burnt out. I for one, am bad at taking on too much! Sometimes we have too much to do and other times, we are just so passionate about creating that we may have a hard time finding a healthy balance.
Whatever the reason, it's vital to your longevity as an artist to give yourself that time away. It will not only help your body and mind but it will also give you fresh eyes and new ideas to play with.

To complete the workshop, this week you will recharge and give your energy a boost!


With your purchase, you will receive access to 5 guided meditations PLUS 2 bonus tracks!


I will send your classroom link and password within 24 hours of purchase. You will be able to access the class online and download a PDF version for your added convenience.


*Please do not sell, share or redistribute any of the downloads or class material without my written permission. Thank you!

Sam began her creative journey as a young child with a love for colorful acrylics and folksy style imagery. Creating whimsical and happy art has since become part of her regular process. Currently exploring watercolor and gouache as mediums, she's always seeking new challenges that will help her grow as an artist.


Sam's illustrations have been featured on Print & Pattern and Swatch & Repeat. They have also been published in both Uppercase and Teen Breathe magazine. 


Books are now available on Amazon! Coming this year you will be able to find a wide variety of journals and creative books for kids!


The one thing that you will find ties all of her work together is her originality and the way that she executes each piece. There's a ton of love and care that goes into it all, down to the very last detail.


Sam finds gratitude in every day that she has another opportunity to make more art and create pretty things for a living. A favorite spot to sit and ponder future projects is her garden. Unless it happens to be winter, in which case you will find her at her desk, wrapped up in a warm sweater, sipping a large cup of tea. 


Besides the creative stuff, Sam loves taking naps, hanging out at the beach and Netflix binging. Currently, she resides in Pitt Meadows, BC with her husband, their three daughters and fur babies, Pepper and Nick.


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