doodle your inner happy workshop

Four weeks of doodling, guided meditation and personal discovery!

Welcome! I'm thrilled that you are here and so happy to be taking this journey with you. I created this class to help keep you inspired and focused on your path, whatever your calling is. I want each of you to feel empowered in your own special way.


Prior to being a full-time artist, I taught meditation at a local shop in my community. I really enjoyed it and absolutely loved all of the interesting people I met! The more I became involved in designing, I realized how important my meditation roots were. It really is so valuable to be able to center yourself and quiet the inner chatter of the busy mind when you are trying so hard to create!


Each week will bring you a guided meditation to go along with the creative process. If you've never meditated before, don't worry, it's a lot easier than you might think! As they are guided, all you will do is simply listen to the words and do your best to follow along.

I remember telling many of my students to think of yourself as a character in a story and imagine what could happen. Probably similar to how we thought as children, when everything seemed possible. 


As I am directing you in one way, you might be inclined to follow your own direction. For example, I could be describing a beautiful path for you to walk along but instead you find yourself in the air flying. Totally fine!! We are all so unique and each of our experiences will be different.


The meditations are kept brief and are much more of an exercise to introduce you to meditation. You might want to have a quick listen to it first and then put on some headphones and relax. Although it's not necessary, you may benefit from taking 5 minutes or so beforehand to find a quiet place and get comfortable. My favorite spot always includes a nice cosy blanket! 

I find this helps my breathing and mind both slow down to a much nicer pace.


For those that have super busy minds, let yourself wind down. Again, don't worry! There is really no wrong way to meditate. Just take it a step at a time. Start small and grow from there.

Throughout each week, I will be in the Facebook group to see how you are doing and to offer tips. So please let me know if there is anything that I can help you get through.


The creative exercises and the doodle prompts are all meant to be fun! Although you can use whatever media you are comfortable with, you are encouraged to try new things. You can even work digitally if that's what you prefer.

I look forward to seeing all of your interpretations!


If you have an Instagram account, please post your doodles! Remember to use #doodleyourinnerhappy and tag us @sampernoski_artstudio so that we can find all of your great creations. 

weekly schedule

Please share your creations with all of us on Facebook; works in progress, experiments with different media, etc.


MONDAY - Mini guided meditation and creative exercise. The meditations are bite size, ranging from 3-10 minutes. The exercise will compliment the meditation of the week.


THURSDAY - Doodle prompt and something to take you a bit further. These will be fun!


SUNDAY LIVE CHAT 11AM PST - This will give everyone a chance to ask any questions and to share thoughts that may come up throughout the week.


*You definitely don't need to complete everything. Please just enjoy what you have time for.

week 1 - creating from a place of love

As artists, I believe it's always best to come from a place of love. It's ultimately the highest vibration that you can reach. It will support you and guide you in the most authentic way.

As you expand on what that means for you, amazing creative potential will arise.


This week we focus on letting our hearts guide us. We begin by listening to a meditation that helps us to build up this loving energy.


These happy vibes are always best shared with others which is a great reason to include it in your art making!


INCLUDED: Guided meditation, creative exercise, doodle prompt, Sunday Facebook live  chat

week 2 - channelling great art

We lightly touch on our chakras this week and explore how they play a role in our creative spirit.


It's wonderful to find new ways to take care of ourselves and enhance our day to day living. Art making begins within which is why I believe self-care is so important.


Through open and clear chakras, you can create accurate avenues to channel creative ideas.


INCLUDED: Guided meditation, creative exercise, doodle prompt, Sunday Facebook live  chat

week 3 - let your intuition guide you and kiss those fears goodbye

This week is focused on our intuition. This part of ourselves is incredibly important in the creative process, as I'm sure you know!


Don't get me wrong, the technical side is just as valuable. When we are only coming from the analytical side though, our work can be rigid and stiff. It's when we open up to our intuition that the really cool stuff can flow through.

This is the time to play with color and imagery, anything goes.


I'm also sharing an extra meditation exercise that will help to visualise letting go of any fears. Super handy to have!


INCLUDED: 2 Guided meditations, creative exercise, doodle prompt, Sunday Facebook live  chat

week 4 - recharge your creative batteries

As creatives, it can be super easy to get burnt out. I for one, am super bad at taking on too much! 

Sometimes we have too much to do and other times, we are just so passionate about creating that we can have a hard time finding a healthy balance.


Whatever the reason, it's vital to your longevity as an artist to give yourself that time away. It will not only help your body and mind but it will also give you fresh eyes and ideas to play with.


This week we recharge and boost up our energy!


INCLUDED: Guided meditations, creative exercise, doodle prompt, Sunday Facebook live  chat


The next workshop begins May 7th, 2018.  Friday, May 4th, you will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook group.  I look forward to meeting you!

After you've completed your registration, you will receive 2 BONUS meditations! Enjoy!

*If you've already received the meditations through our I Am Spirit Cd,  you are free to use your cd for the workshop or re-download when the course begins.


workshop - $11